Reiki Sessions

Prior to the session, we will assess your specific needs, in particular specific areas of the body, emotional or mental concerns you want to work on. After a Reiki treatment you can expect to feel a sense of peace and calm. Traditionally, 4 sessions are recommended to receive the full benefit of Reiki. 

At The Reiki Hut (Grayslake) | 60 minute session | $ 85  | 4 Sessions for $325
At Your Home or The Yoga Effect | 60-75 minute session | $ 100.00 | (includes studio rental fee) 

If the session is at your home, I will set up my table in the room of your choice and clear the energy of your room prior to your session. Please don’t worry too much about perfection, as Reiki is effective no matter what Dress comfortably and in layers as working with the Reiki energy you may feel either hot or cold. After the session, take extra care of yourself. Hydrate well and take Epsom salt baths with your favorite essential oils or baking soda. Spend time reflecting, journaling, resting, etc. You deserve it!

 *Prices are subject to change.



Learning Reiki | Attunements

Most likely, if you’re looking for training, Reiki may have been calling you for a long time now, or maybe it has just started to peak your interest. Either way, Reiki is for you! Reiki trainings and Attunements are very sacred; once you receive Reiki, you will never lose it. Reiki Trainings 1-4 are hosted many times a year at The Reiki Hut and can also be requested and scheduled privately.

❤️ Reiki Level I Attunement and Certification |$200.00|

 Reiki Level I focuses on the history of Reiki, the three pillars of Reiki, the five Reiki principles, self-healing hand positions, and partner work. I encourage working primarily on yourself and close friends/family free of charge once you have received this attunement.


❤️ Reiki Level II Attunement and Certification |$275.00|

In Reiki Level II, you receive special symbols to incorporate into your practice; the power symbol, the mental/emotional symbol, and the distance symbol. You will also learn how to perform distance Reiki. Class is focused primarily on the symbols and partner-work.


❤️ Reiki Master Attunement and Certification |$375.00|

In the Reiki Level III Attunement, the student recieves the Master Symbol and their ability to channel Reiki becomes very strong. You will learn Aura Clearing, Crsytals, and the business/logistics of Reiki.


❤️Reiki Master Teacher Attunement and Certification |$450.00|

 In Reiki Level IV, you receive two additional Tibetan symbols. This class is focused on teaching you how to teach others Reiki Levels I-IV. You will also learn how to perform healing attunements, and create crystal grids. We will discuss in further detail the business of Reiki and explore association.


    “I received my First Degree Level of Reiki certification with Jenny as my guide and instructor. The experience left me feeling both humbled and empowered with feelings of peace and openness to the universe. I am grateful to Jenny and the experience that she facilitated. I look forward to moving on in my Reiki training with Jenny.”

    Lori Hawkins